Posted by: Eli | May 10, 2009

Possible Magazine

Hi all!
I was thinking, it would be a fun and good idea to create a magazine dedicated to Dominic, with his news,some articles(written by us) about his movies,or proyects… , fans encouters, etc.
so if you want to help with the magazine,you ARE ALL WELCOME. the more people the better.
I would like you to comment on this post and tell me what you think.



  1. woow, it is great idea! But I am so sad that I can not help You, couse my English isnt good, so I cant write any articles 😦

  2. and please, I cant find anything about the apply of affiliation … so I would like to ask if You wanna be affiliate with my site about Emilie and Dominic – ? It is the only czech actually source about them and I know that it is not a big site, but if You have a interest about it, You can answer me here in comments or on my site in TAGBOARD.
    Thanks a lot
    xx Romana

  3. každopádně pro každého už mám vymyšlenej hlas 😀

    • my God sorry so much, at the first time I forgot I am writing on ENGLISH site,not on Czech, SO SORRY!

      What I wanted to say is – Would You like to affiliate with my site? ( know that it is not a big site and its not in English language, but I love Dom and love this site, and affiliate with Dominic Exclusive would be a big honour for me … so if You are interested, You can answer me here in comments or on Couple nline in TAGBOARD.
      Thanks a lot and sorry for the mistake upstairs.
      xx Romana

      • Sure, I’ll add you to the affiliates,right now.

  4. aaaw, thanks sooo much <333 I will go and add You now too 🙂 THANKS so much ❤ 🙂

  5. so Ive add You 🙂 You can find it in ELITE & TOP SITES (left menu), the first icon, or in ONLINE -> My best Affiliates (Topic – ELITE site)

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