Quick Facts

Name:Dominic Bernard Patrick Luke Monaghan.

Birthday:8 December 1976.

Birth place:Berlin,Germany.

Age: 32.

Nicknames:Dom, Sblomie

Height:1,70 m

Current residence: Lives in England, but owns a house in Hawaii and another in L.A..

Parents:Maureen, a nurse, and Austin, a teacher.

Siblings:Older brother called Matthew.

Sentimental Other:the actress Evangeline Lily. – Dom’s co-star in LOST

Eye colour: Greyish blue.

Hair colour: Dark blonde.

Job: Actor.


» The elvish word “nine” and the sentence “life imitates art” on his right shoulder.

»Two stars on the top of his left toe.

» The Beatles’ lyrics “Life is easier with eyes closed” on his left shoulder.

Funny facts:

» Bought a forest in India to help protect the environment.

» Kept a pair of the latex Hobbit feet used in Lord of the Rings.

» Kept three pet chameleons during the filming of Lost, one for each of the seasons he was in. He let all of them go at the end of each year.

» Enjoys pulling pranks. Once on the Lost set, he had the show’s medic call co-star Josh Holloway, telling him to come to the set since he was a suspect in a “herpes outbreak.”

» Says that getting to play Charlie on Lost was “an amazing blessing.”

» According to Lost makeup guy, Dominic has had more scars than anyone on the show.

» One way he escapes the paparazzi when they are after him, trying to get a picture, is by going into the library and reading books for hours so they’ll get bored and give up.

» His favorite author is Jeff Noon.

» Went to the movie Troy with Viggo Mortensen and bought some extra tickets. They gave them out to people and told them they were helping Orlando Bloom.

» Is a big fan of comedy and has been since his childhood. He enjoyed watching many of the sketch shows while growing up, like Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

» Says that he does not care too much if his character Charlie was killed off of Lost if the reason or story was really impressive and really good.

» His favorite directors are David Fincher, Martin Scorsese and Peter Jackson.

» Wrote and recorded the vocals for the tracks “Shadow” and “Maybe”, and co-wrote and recorded “Half Fling” with Elijah Wood on the album Pandemoniumfromamerica.

» Was the tallest of the main four actors who played hobbits in Lord of the Rings.

» One of his most embarrassing moments was when he accidentally kissed his friend in a bar. According to him, after it happened, they didn’t say a word to each other and never spoke of it again.

» Admitted to once having a “man-crush” on his surfing instructor.

» Attended St. Anne’s RC High School (his uncle also taught there and later became headmaster after he graduated).

» Out of the three English actors on the show Lost, he is the only one to actually play an English person.

» Did karate as a child.

» Has a huge passion for surfing, and according to The Toronto Star (December 12, 2003), he fell so in love with it that he moved to Los Angeles and found a place to live 25 minutes from a beach.

» Loves insects.

» Says that he is not a fan of socialite Paris Hilton. He says that he does not like what she does or how she acts.

» Originally auditioned for the role of Sawyer on Lost.

» Is an avid fan of the Manchester United Football Club.

» His favorite footballers include Roy Keane, Ryan Giggs, David Beckham, Eric Cantona, and Ruud van Nistelrooy.

» His favorite bands are Radiohead, Coldplay, The Beatles, and The Smiths.

» His previous jobs before acting included sorting mail at a Post Office, working in British Home Stores and working as a sauté chef at a place called Quincey’s in Didsbury, Manchester.

» Used to be roommates with Mackenzie Astin, the brother of his co-star from Lord of the Rings, Sean Astin. He now lives on his own in Hollywood Hills.

» Originally auditioned for the role of Frodo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

» Attended Aquinas College, a Catholic sixth form school in Stockport.

» Once got stuck in a porta potty near wrap time on his hit show Lost.

» His favorite movie is Star Wars. His favorite actor is Harrison Ford.

» Enjoys yoga.

» Lists his hero as Beatles singer and song-writer John Lennon.

» His first two middle names come from his grandparents; his mom’s father is named Bernard and his dad’s father is named Patrick; Luke is his confirmation name.

» His favorite band is Interpol, a New York City indie rock band.

» Likes to keep a journal.

» Along with his “Fellowship” (Tolkien’s Elvish nine) tattoo, he has “Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed” (a line from “Strawberry Fields Forever”) on his shoulder and two black stars on his right foot.

» Is a video game fanatic and often hosts gaming parties at his house.

» Shares his birthday with his Lost co-star Ian Somerhalder.

» Was born and raised in Berlin, before moving to England when he was 12. He speaks German fluently.

» Considers himself a metrosexual, which is defined as urban male who values his appearance and spends lots of time grooming himself.

» Interviewed Austin Stevens for an article in TV Guide (November 7-13, 2005).

» Celebrated and got drunk the night he found out he got the part of “Merry” in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

» Loves to write on his hands.

» When he was a child, he didn’t have cats or dogs as pets because he was allergic. Instead, he had snakes and insects. He used to keep a black widow spider named Witchitar as a pet. He also owns an albino garter snake named Blink, and he once had a leaf mantis named Gizmo.



  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

    • Thanks a lot, I work really hard. I can’t wait to get the site runing again….til then I’ll be updating this one 🙂

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