Posted by: Eli | May 19, 2009

New ISTD Poster

Thanks to honeypoppy0212 @ Dom Media we have a new poster from I sell the dead movie, Dom’s on the front, I think he looks hilarious.

Posted by: Eli | May 18, 2009

Dom Magazine

Remember couple of days ago when we told you about the possibility of making a magazine dedicated to Dom? Well, we decided to go on with the project, Hopefully, if everything goes right, we will be able to publish first issue between july and agust. We will keep you informed with any news related with it- Don’t Worry.

Posted by: Eli | May 18, 2009

Nylon guys magazine

First of all, apologies for the lack of updates these 4 days, I went abroad with my family.
Now, onto the news… The Nylon guys magazine May issue has publish an article about Dom with a picture made by Hilary Walsh.
We will upload the scan to the press archive as soon as possible. for the moment, here they are:

thanks to The Dom Resource for the scans

Posted by: Eli | May 10, 2009

Dom @ Bonnie Hunt

We finally got Dom’s appearance on Bonnie Hunt, you can watch it:

Bonnie Hunt show

Posted by: Eli | May 10, 2009

Possible Magazine

Hi all!
I was thinking, it would be a fun and good idea to create a magazine dedicated to Dominic, with his news,some articles(written by us) about his movies,or proyects… , fans encouters, etc.
so if you want to help with the magazine,you ARE ALL WELCOME. the more people the better.
I would like you to comment on this post and tell me what you think.

Posted by: Eli | May 2, 2009

Dom @ The Bonnie Hunt Show

Dom was on May 30th on The Bonnie Hunt show promoting X-men Origins: Wolverine. you can watch a 44 seconds preview over the official webpage where he talks about his youth as an actor; just click where it says “Dominic Monaghan”.

Posted by: Eli | May 2, 2009

Dom’s favourite weekend

On Los Angeles Times there’s a interview where Dom’s explains his ideal weekend plan. we will post the interview on our press archive,as soon as possibe.

Posted by: Eli | May 2, 2009

Inked Mag scans

Thanks to The Dominic Monaghan Resource we have the scans of the Inked Magazine, which include two beautiful pics.
here are the scans – you can see then full size over at our gallery

Posted by: Eli | April 30, 2009

Dom @ Jimmy Kimmel Show

Dom was on Kimmel show last night. you can watch the clip on YouTube

Posted by: Eli | April 30, 2009

Promoting X-Men

Dom’s been busy promoting his latest movie X-Men Origins. He’s been on several radio programs like:
Hollywood 411,25 April
KTLA Morning News ,27 April
The BJ Shea Morning Experience,28 April
Our friends at The Dominic Monaghan Resource have on their download page, a download of each of those interview- don’t miss them!
we will upload them as soon as possible

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